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Last updated: 05-04-2020

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Top Ten Ways to Increase Your Social Media Reach | Website Designs

Increasing your social media reach is an important part of marketing your business. The wider your brand can be recognized, the more you can build trust and prove your authority in your niche.

You’ve picked a niche; now you need to stay in it. It’s tempting to try to post all sorts of things but when someone signs up for notifications of your posts and see things that don’t fit, they actually get upset about it. Be relevant and focused on your niche and your audience only.

You don’t have to update twenty times a day, and on some networks you shouldn’t (like Facebook), but do update and share the same thing more than once with new blurbs accompanying the updates. People look at social media at different times a day and they don’t usually go to your page to see your updates. If they don’t see it in their stream, they may never see it.

Create an audience persona of one that you can create all your social media content for. Don’t worry that this limits you; it actually does the opposite. Write everything to that one person and you’ll increase click-throughs, conversions and more.

You probably think people are harping on it, but social media is supposed to be social. Therefore, limit the amount of automation you use and make the time to engage daily with your audience in person.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads are all great ways to spread your reach on social media. The tricky part of running an advertisement is that you really need to understand your audience, as well as understand keywords and how targeting works. If you’re not sure, educate yourself before spending money, or hire an expert.

Within every niche there are movers and shakers, otherwise known as influencers, that your audience follows. If you can reach out to them, and get mentioned by them, you can build on their “like, know, trust” factor by letting it rub off on you a bit.

Everything should start and end with your website or blog. In the middle you have email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and so forth. All of it works together and therefore you should cross-promote on every platform. Promote your email list on social media; promote your social media to your email list.

People use hashtags to help them find comments. If you want to start a trend, develop a good hashtag for your audience to use when they talk about you. Then you can put a feed on your site about all the things people say.

That might sound laughable, but most of the time, viral content is not created by accident. If you know your audience well enough, and understand what they like, you can work toward creating viral content that gets noticed.

Today, guest blogging is about finding a high ranking blog or website that serves your audience. Then, you write a blog post that is unique to that blog only and will never be used again elsewhere. Let your bio speak for itself. Again, this lets the popular website trust vibes rub off on you.

Increasing your social media reach is about more than sharing a lot of content. The content must be relevant to your audience and help them learn about their problems and eventually lead to the solution. Everything you share needs a point and a reason for being. The great thing about this is that you’ll want to promote things more when they really do have a reason for being and are helpful to your audience.

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